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Are fuel saving magnets a hoax?

Recently, information about magnets that can easily save fuel has captured the minds of motorists around the world. In this article we will try to find out what is reality or myth. It will be about the advertised fuel saving device, which is inherently conventional. neodymium magnet designed to minimize fuel costs while traveling.

Some manufacturers on their official websites write the following words about the principle of the device's working process: “The clots of hydrocarbon molecules formed in the fuel cannot be burned in full. The magnets of the device, which do not require additional power, break up these residues, which allows oxygen to mix, for example, with gasoline, which makes combustion much more efficient. That is why the savings are happening. "

Magnets for saving gasoline

The immediate results promised by the creator: increased service life of piston rings, catalyst and spark plugs; fuel savings of 10-20 percent; reducing the emission of various harmful substances by almost half; increase in motor power up to seven percent.

Many so-called magnet businessmen refer to innovative nuclear magnetic resonance. This is essentially the emission or absorption of electromagnetic energy by any substance.

Of course, the appearing field has an effect, but it has practically nothing to do with this device. There is enough information about this resonance of the nuclear-magnetic type, and on the description of the phenomenon, as well as the results achieved and the areas of application, it becomes clear that the dealers are fooling motorists.

The German Automobile Club has recently carried out an amateur test. This public organization, the largest of the currently operating in Europe. Its main functions are legal, technical and informational assistance. The conclusion from the experiment was quite clear - fuel saving magnets are a lie and deception.

How to save gasoline

As a bonus, there are some comical testimonials attached that show all the satire of these magnets:

Contact psychics repairing cars from photographs;

100% reversal of the magnetization of gasoline to the pistons. This gives the effect of a nuclear bomb;

Tarot cards greatly reduce consumption when placed in the back seat. Especially if the passenger and the driver are wearing caps made of foil;

Use Miracle Pribluda instead of a magnet. This is a unique secret space development of military scientists. Put it on the dashboard and the motor will run smoother due to the resonance of the quasi-magnetic type. And thanks to nano fields, the walls of the cylinders will be covered with the thinnest layer of titanium, which increases the resource several times.

In addition, magnetic vortex flows will create stress in the fuel system, which will cause an octane vortex effect, which will increase the octane number by 15% and reduce fuel consumption by 20%.

In conclusion, it remains to say that the appeared fuel economy devices with the help of magnets and the MPG - CAPS tablets are also a hoax and their use does not give any fuel economy. This article was compiled and written as a result of work on many materials on the Internet.

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