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What to do with offal

К offal include the liver, kidneys, tongues, heart, lungs, brains, udders, stomachs, scars, etc. The raw liver is stored in the cold, having previously lubricated with sunflower oil.

To improve the taste of the liver, it is dipped in boiling water for 1 minute before frying, then washed in cold water and dried.

What to do with offal
How to prepare your liver

The taste of the liver also improves if it is soaked in cold milk for 2 hours before frying. In no case should this product be overcooked or overcooked.

In this case, it becomes tough and tasteless. Liver, best fried unsalted.

How to cook offal

The kidneys are boiled in plenty of water. This allows you to extract substances with an unpleasant odor from them. Beef and pork kidneys are cut on one side, soaked in cold water for up to 3 hours, then soaked in a new portion of water, brought to a boil, drained, then boiled again for 1-1 hours, then washed in cold water. Beef kidneys are fried over high heat, after boiling them.

Veal and lamb kidneys do not need to be soaked. Finished buds should not have redness on the cut. Store them in a cool place in a sealed container, remove from the broth.

How to prepare the kidneys

The tongue is placed in boiling water, boiled over low heat for up to 3 hours and then transferred to cold water and the skin is immediately removed from it. Store boiled tongues in the cold in a sealed container.

Brains are first soaked for 1 hour in cold water and, without removing it, the film is separated. For cooking, the brains are placed in one row, poured with cold water, added per 1 kg of product, 30 g of a 3% vinegar solution, 10 g of salt, 0 g of pepper! and 6 g of bay leaf.

Brains are boiled in a sealed container with a low boil. Before deep-fried, the brains are boiled until tender, then cooled, dried and breaded in flour and eggs.

Before cooking, the heart is soaked in cold water for up to 2 hours. To! eliminate the sour taste of the udder, cut it into pieces, soak for 5 hours in cold water, changing the water 2 times. Lungs are boiled for up to 3 hours in a container with a closed lid. Pour the veal legs with cold water and cook for 3–3, 5 hours at a low boil.

Salt is added; at the end of cooking. Store them in cold salted water or broth. Scars are first soaked in cold water for 6 hours, changing the water every 2 hours, then boiled at low boil for up to 5 hours. The finished product is stored in a cool place, removed from the broth.

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