About strudels, tatenas and fillings - history and tips

About strudels, tatenas and fillings

If you want to have a wasp waist, eat apple strudel more often ”- such a poster adorns the tapestry of one of the famous Viennese pastry shops. And next to it hangs a portrait of graceful Sissi - the wife of the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph.

They say that this lady, pleasant in all respects, enjoyed herself almost every day strudel with a delicate berry gravy and at the same time remained slim.

This fact largely contributed to the fact that the delicious apple roll turned into a super hit of the Viennese pastry school and found fans not only in Austria, but also far beyond its borders.

Not many people know that in Vienna in the old days this dessert was called "scandalous" - the groom could easily break off the engagement if his chosen one baked a bad strudel.

Therefore, the girls had to constantly practice, paying special attention to the preparation of the dough. And that was not easy. Experienced Viennese housewives believed that the layer of strudel dough should be so thin that the text of the newspaper could be easily read through it.

The layer should be rolled out on a cloth napkin sprinkled with flour (with the help of a napkin it was possible to neatly roll the roll), and before rolling the dough was kept in warm vegetable oil.

Selection of strudel filling

Many difficulties arose with the filling: to choose the “right” apples - strong and sweet, stock up on raisins, cinnamon and nuts, and not forget to flavor the ingredients with rum and orange liqueur. Nowadays, brides continue to take the preparation of strudel with all seriousness, although it has not been considered a "scandalous" treat for a long time.

How to choose a strudel filling
Strudel with apples - choosing the filling

However, if you decide to please the narrowed with apple pie, you can choose a simpler recipe. For example, bake taten. According to a French legend, almost a century and a half ago, this cake was first prepared by the hostesses of an inn in the town of Lamotte-Bevron near Orleans, Sisters Stephanie and Caroline Taten. They put pieces of apples in a mold, poured them with caramel syrup, covered them with a cap of tender dough and baked them in the oven. As you can see, the recipe is not too original. And the whole point is not at all in the recipe, but in the way of serving.

It's just that the sisters accidentally dropped the mold on the table, the pie fell out of it, and they served it with the apple filling up. In those days, such a treat was a novelty: the pies were baked closed - the filling was hidden either inside or below, under the dough. They say that Taten eventually "escaped" from the inn and took root at the royal court.

Benefits of Dried Fruit in Strudel Filling

If you are once again thinking about what filling to bake a pie or cake with, you should remember about dried fruits. Delicious and hearty dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dates, figs, dried apples, pineapples or papaya have always been considered a real lifesaver for those with a sweet tooth. It is also important that dried fruits are a storehouse of vitamins and valuable microelements that have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart and stomach, improve memory and energize the body.

Dry fruits as a filling for strudel
Filling for dried fruit strudel

In addition, each of them is also useful in its own way. Not many people know that dates, for example, contain unique substances that help get rid of headaches and colds. Papaya activates metabolism and increases sexual activity, figs prevent the development of thyroid diseases, and raisins are rich in boron, which strengthens bone tissue.

Prunes, dried apricots and cherries occupy a special place in the family of dried fruits: they not only cleanse the body, but also rejuvenate skin cells. The undoubted advantage of dried fruits is the absence of artificial colors and additives in them.

How to choose and store dried fruit for strudel

When stocking up on fruits, do not forget that they cannot be kept in plastic bags. For this purpose, linen bags or glass jars with lids should be used. When choosing dried fruits, you must first evaluate their appearance. If the fruits are overdried and have a whitish bloom or wine taste, this means that the conditions for their drying and storage have been violated.

When buying dates packaged in boxes, you need to pay attention to the tightness of the packaging and uniformity of color: the skin of the fruit should not be wrinkled. To keep the dates for a long time and not lose their useful qualities, it is better to place them in a glass container with a lid and keep in a cool place.

How to choose and store dried fruits
Choosing dried fruits for strudel

When choosing prunes on the market, opt for fleshy berries of an even black color with a slight sheen. Berries of a brownish hue were most likely soaked in water more than once before being put on the counter - such prunes can turn out to be bitter or sour.

Often, dried fruits are treated with a special composition so that they do not lose their presentation and original taste. That is why, before cooking, the fruits must be thoroughly rinsed and then left in boiled water for several hours. And light varieties of raisins are washed several times and then kept in sour milk or kefir.

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