Calculation of building a house - what you need to consider, where to start.

House construction calculation

How does the construction of houses of any type and purpose begin? With an idea! And it is precisely with how much the idea costs and you will have to start calculating the construction of a house, that is, the development of the project will be the first stage on the way to realizing the dream of your own home.

Without special education and knowledge, such work will not work, so you will have to contact a company that provides a service for designing country houses. In principle, a project is an almost complete calculation of the construction of a house, both from the financial and technological side. Almost, since he may not take into account the cost of the site and the completion of the finishing work on the premises.

How to calculate the cost of a home project

Cost drafting can be very different, first of all, it all depends on which version of the project was chosen - individual, typical or typical with changes. The calculation of building a house according to a standard design is the cheapest, since there is no need to “invent a wheel” - everything has already been invented. All subsequent additional changes will increase the cost of the project and either reduce the cost of construction, or increase it.

Why is the project getting more expensive anyway? Because it is being altered anyway. It is clear that the creation of a unique project will cost the most, but this gives the customer a guarantee that no one else has such a house. All subsequent changes in the financial part will be closely related to the technological side of the matter, so we move on to it.

Naturally, in order to get started, you need to make something out of something, and you need someone who will do it. That is, the calculation of building a house should include the cost of materials and the salary of builders. It is cheaper to buy materials in bulk, but there is a nuance - this option is suitable for those customers who are going to build on a turnkey basis and in the shortest possible time.

How to calculate the cost of building materials at home

Although if there is a suitable storage space, so as not to leave the materials in the open, then you can also purchase everything in advance. Each type of materials should be bought with a small margin, as practice shows, calculating the construction of a house is a good thing, but partly approximate and often you have to buy something in addition.

You should also take into account such a moment as the delivery of these same materials, that is, what part the seller himself will bring, what part you can take yourself, and for what part you will have to hire additional transport.

When calculating the construction of a house, one cannot do without taking into account the performance of all types of work related to the construction itself. Arrangement of foundations, raising walls, laying floors and ceilings, building a roof, finishing works, carrying out utilities and installing windows, doors, and other elements.

All these are the necessary actions, without which the full-fledged construction of houses cannot do. And each of the types of work is estimated in its own way and takes its own, a certain period of time. The calculation of building a turnkey house looks more attractive in many respects, that is, the option when one construction company is responsible for the performance, result and quality of all work.

Usually a good company can handle the whole range of tasks, from drawing up project documentation to interior and exterior decoration. But there are situations when ordering this service is impossible for financial or other reasons and the construction has to be carried out in several stages.

In such a situation, it is better to calculate the construction of a house in stages, otherwise there is a risk of making mistakes, and very significant ones. After all, if complex construction provides for taking into account all the nuances at the time of the conclusion of the transaction and remains practically unchanged until the completion of construction, then such a number does not work with a phased option.

After calculating the construction of a house in January, already in July you can be very surprised at the change in prices for services and materials.

Calculating the cost of builders' services

You can draw up a detailed construction plan yourself, but how much it will correspond to the specifics of the sphere is still a question, so if there are no skills, then it is better not to try. You can entrust the calculation of the construction of a house to a specialist from outside, but then you will have to add an additional item to the costs for his services.

The best option is when those who will build will be engaged in the calculation, but this process must be monitored and all doubtful details must be clarified. And if everything was done correctly, then the construction of the house will be completed on time and will cost the planned amount.

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