How much time to spend between workouts

How much time to spend between workouts

Most beginners (and even experienced) bodybuilders believe that it is hard training that promotes active muscle growth. In fact, this is not entirely true. Exercise only intensifies development, while muscle building occurs during rest.

Due to the fact that many athletes do not know this simple truth and exercise for wear, they do not achieve the expected result. This is why rest is so important.

why breaks in training

Between workouts, you can book a plane ticket, go to the movies or just go for a walk in order, firstly, to relax, and secondly, to give the muscles the opportunity to develop.

In order to achieve maximum efficiency, you need to follow the appropriate regimen of exercise and rest. Therefore, it is important to know how much time to rest during the break between strength exercises. In this article, we will tell you in detail about this.

Why do muscles need rest

Many bodybuilders are familiar with the situation when, after an intense workout on Monday, on Wednesday there is still not enough strength and energy for strength exercises. Do not consider this state of ordinary fatigue.

The fact is that in order to carry out any activity, a person needs a certain norm of biochemical resources. During active training, bodybuilders use them up. Sometimes the body loses its regenerative capacity altogether.

Why rest for muscles

The first thing that happens to the body after strength training is the accumulation biochemical reserve... This process does not take 15 minutes.

Full recovery of the body can take from three days to a whole week (depending on the intensity of the training), and only after the replenishment of biochemical resources begins the process of muscle growth.

How long does it take to rest

Controlling the regularity of your workouts is not so difficult, and it does not matter which part of your body muscles you train: chest; back; feet, etc.

Imagine the situation that after an intense and successful exercise on Monday, on Wednesday you are trying hard to fulfill the same norm. This is considered a gross error. In addition to not achieving the result in this way, you run the risk of harming your health.

How much time to rest between workouts

It is possible that on Thursday you will fully regain your strength. From the very morning you will feel refreshed. We advise you to skip this day as well.

In the meantime, you may need to find out where the plane tickets are sold, so you can safely go about your daily activities. On Thursday, the body's recovery process has just finished. In fact, the human body is capable of more.

On Friday, you will most likely feel an extraordinary surge of energy and will be able to do more challenging exercises than before.

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