Brazilian Diet - Lose Weight Easily, Effectively and Deliciously

Brazilian diet - lose weight easily

The Brazilian diet is just a godsend for those people who cannot part with delicious food. For example, with meat, eggs and fish. Of course, the diet has its limitations, but they are not as significant as in many strict diets and nutrition systems.

So, if you have not yet decided on a diet, but at the same time you love to eat, then feel free to opt for the Brazilian diet.

Brazilian diet pros and cons

The diet is especially fond of women who stay at home and do not work. The ease and simplicity of cooking impresses. And last but not least, you don't need to spend large sums of money on groceries. You can buy them at your nearest supermarket.

Before you decide to go on a diet, you need to consult a doctor, as any diet has its own contraindications.

Pros and cons of the Brazilian diet

You can decide for yourself the duration of the diet. The Brazilian diet is designed for two weeks or four weeks. Another plus of the diet is that you will not have to invent a menu. It has already been scheduled for the entire duration of the diet. This will make your life easier and save time.

The Brazilian diet is a low carbohydrate protein diet, the daily calorie intake is slightly reduced.

Nutrition rules and menus for a diet

You will need to eat fractionally. This suggests that now the number of meals per day should not be less than four. It is better if you eat five times.

The diet is considered strict and tough, even taking into account the fact that you will eat meat and eggs. It is not recommended to change meals in places and replace some foods for others, as otherwise you may not achieve the desired effect.

Brazilian diet suggests that any spices and other foods that may whet your appetite should be eliminated from your diet. It is also forbidden to eat smoked meats, sweet dishes and spicy dishes. Legumes should be cut back during the diet. If you eat them on this day, then it will be necessary to exclude bread from the diet.

What to eat for weight loss

During the diet, it is imperative to take vitamin C, but it is better to choose a vitamin complex for yourself, in consultation with your doctor. Also remember to drink plenty of fluids.

The main focus is on dietary, light soups, vegetables, fruits and herbs. It is allowed to drink ordinary non-carbonated mineral water or any fruit juices.

In two weeks with such a diet, you can lose about five kilograms. Consider a sample menu that you will follow during your diet. This is a stricter version of the diet, which includes proteins - eggs, meat and fish - as the basis of the diet.

Brazilian diet menu

Monday and Tuesday

Breakfast: one boiled egg, one fresh apple, a glass of natural coffee.

Lunch and dinner will be the same: one fresh apple and one boiled egg.


Breakfast: two boiled eggs.

Lunch: one hundred grams of lean boiled beef, a little spinach.

Dinner: one boiled egg and some spinach.


Breakfast: one boiled egg.

Lunch: one hundred grams of fresh sea boiled fish and one medium tomato.

Dinner: two boiled eggs and a glass of natural coffee.


Breakfast: one boiled egg and a glass of natural coffee.

Lunch: one hundred grams of boiled sea fish and one small tomato.

Dinner: one hundred grams of lean fried fish and some vegetable salad.


Breakfast: one boiled egg and a glass of natural coffee.

Lunch: one hundred grams of lean boiled beef, one medium cucumber and a glass of natural coffee.

Dinner: two hundred grams of lean boiled beef, a glass of natural coffee.


Breakfast: one boiled egg and a glass of natural coffee.

Lunch: one hundred grams of boiled lean chicken without fat and skin, one medium cucumber and one medium tomato.

Dinner is the same as lunch. You should just drink another glass of natural coffee.

Brazilian diet conclusion

As you can see, the menu is quite tough and it is very difficult to sustain such a diet. Therefore, before you decide to go on a diet, think carefully about whether you can hold out until the end. Otherwise, you risk ruining your health and not getting the desired figure.

The results of losing weight on a diet

There is another variant of the Brazilian diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, herbs and juices. But her menu is also quite strict, even though you will have to eat at least five times a day.

Remember that moderate exercise is very beneficial for your health, especially during a diet, when you are losing weight and your skin becomes flabby.

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