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How to speed up your metabolism?

Most often, excess weight depends directly on the quality of metabolism in our body. There are people who can eat whatever they want, in any quantity and not gain weight at all, when others need to monitor their diet and exercise to keep their bodies in order.

People suffering from hypometabolism are least fortunate: a little extra calories, and they are already getting fat. They have a very low metabolism, in which the calories received are not processed into energy, as expected, but are deposited somewhere on the sides in unnecessary folds.

Metabolism helps you lose weight

Therefore, if you really want to become possessing a wonderful figure, you need to start the process metabolism... Undoubtedly, only a nutritionist can give you an accurate "guide to action", making sure that you really have metabolic problems.

However, if there is still a lot of time before the doctor's appointment, and you want to take action right now, or if you just want to have a positive effect on your body, there are several easy ways to improve your metabolism at home.

How to speed up your metabolism at home

1. Long sports walks in the fresh air help to enrich the blood with oxygen, which perfectly burns all excess calories and fat accumulated under the skin.

Oxygen also interacts with all organs of the body, making them stronger and healthier.

But remember that just running and walking quickly will help you burn fat, regular slow walks will not bring much benefit.

2. Only a full, healthy breakfast truly "wakes up" the body, giving a start to the metabolic process, which slows down in the evening. If you cancel breakfast, the body will remain "sleepy", which will affect your work activity and metabolism.

3. Green tea perfectly removes toxins and toxins from the body that impede metabolism, and also removes edema. The caffeine in tea burns calories and has a positive effect on the heart.

Just remember that you need to drink freshly brewed green tea, and no more than three cups a day.

The benefits of sports for metabolism

4. It has already been proven that cinnamon accelerates the metabolic process by 20 times. It also helps to break down sugar faster, lowering blood glucose, which inevitably reduces appetite.

5. Nutritionists in California have found that daily magnesium intake has a positive effect on metabolism, burns fat and promotes weight loss.

You can take it either as a pill or by consuming large amounts of legumes, spinach, bran, and cod.

6. Be sure to normalize your sleep! Only during sleep does the body rest, gains strength for an active day, and also produces growth hormone, which is necessary for the renewal of brain cells and improving metabolism.

Also, this hormone is important for everyone who is losing weight, as it greatly reduces appetite.

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