Prevention and protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Prevention and protection against sexually transmitted diseases

Unfortunately, we are not all immune from infection with sexually transmitted diseases. Whatever one may say, but if you lead an active and varied sex life, then sooner or later you may encounter manifestations of such diseases as syphilis, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes and so on. But we can reduce the risk of infection with simple but regular actions.

First, be sure to use a condom when having sexual intercourse with a new partner. Do you know that now there is just a huge selection of them, both male and female? Moreover, the effectiveness of the female condom is not inferior to the male one.

Most risky in the plan sexually transmitted diseases the type of sex is anal and vaginal. Oral sex without a condom is also dangerous, but if with vaginal / anal intercourse the risk of infection is fifty percent, then with oral sex thirty percent.

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A condom will protect you by ninety-nine and nine-tenths of a percent, the figure is quite high, don't you think? Unfortunately, in order to be one hundred percent safe from sexually transmitted diseases, you must either give up sex altogether, or "engage" in it alone while watching porn.

There are several more ways to protect yourself from sexually transmitted diseases, but their effectiveness is significantly inferior to condoms. These are washing the genitals and douching with antiseptic drugs such as chlorhexidine and miramistin. But, for example, douching even has a side effect - if there was an infection after all, by douching you will drive it even deeper into the genitals. So antiseptics only together with a condom, not instead of!

By the way, please note that contraceptives (foams, creams, suppositories, pills) will not help you if you encounter gonorrhea or, even worse, HIV infection.

Do not forget at least once every six months, and with an active sex life and frequent change of partners - more often, to be examined by a venereologist and take all the necessary tests, because the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases is almost as effective as a condom, and the insidiousness of many such diseases consists in the fact that at the initial stage it is not difficult to cure it, but every day it becomes more and more difficult.

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