Water Diet - Losing 5 kg without stress - easy and simple

Water Diet - Lose 5 kg without stress

The water or water diet is probably the simplest of all weight loss diets. Although it is rather difficult to call it her diet, because it is just the restoration of normal metabolism and excretory functions with the help water.

There are two kinds of interpretation of the water diet - simpler and more rigid. Accordingly, weight loss with a rigid one is more noticeable, according to those who have tried it, than with a simple water diet.

A simple water diet does not imply any restrictions on food, that is, you eat exactly the same way as before, only you drink water according to a certain system - that's the whole recipe.

The system consists in drinking at least 2 liters of clean water per day. The exact calculation of the amount of water your body needs with a water diet is calculated using the formula: Weight / 20, that is, if you weigh 70 kg, then the dose of water you need for a diet is 3 liters per day. But water should not be drunk at random.

We drink water correctly

Be sure to drink a glass of water at room temperature 25 minutes before meals. During and after a meal, water and other liquids (juice, tea, compote, etc.) should not be drunk. And the next intake of water should be 1, 5 hours after eating. It is also not recommended to eat a lot after 6, but it is better to drink up the rest of the water at the calculated rate, not drunk during the day.

Other types of liquid drinks and soups are not included in the calculation.

The norm of water is exactly the required amount of clean, non-carbonated, non-mineral water without any additives. It is worth choosing either bottled water or filtered water, since tap water will only pollute your body.

How to drink water on a diet

The essence of the method lies in the fact that in fact we never drink the amount of water the body needs, and often our brain "confuses" the desire to drink with the desire to eat and we have a snack instead of a glass of water.

Refusing to drink food, we allow food to be digested in natural conditions by the body - with the help of gastric juice, without diluting it with water.

If we drink juice or tea, then we arrange food fermentation in the stomach, which also leads to a slowdown in the digestion and breakdown of food, and hence the accumulation of harmful substances, toxins and excess weight. Water in the required amount cleanses our intestines, enables cells to renew themselves in time.

Weight loss results on water

After the diet, you should feel that the skin is fresher and clearer. Such a diet can be used for 3-4 weeks, and its effect should be at least 2-3 kg of weight per week.

But it is not as easy as it seems to give up a cup of coffee after breakfast or a glass of juice at lunch. At first, you may be terribly thirsty right after a meal.

Having overcome this thirst a couple of times, it should become a habit and it will not be so difficult for you. You can drink green tea or coffee between meals, but these drinks will not count towards your daily water requirement.

Results of weight loss on the water photo

A more complex and harsh water diet is a combination of drinking a lot of water, with dietary restrictions (up to 5 liters a day).

You cannot sit on such a diet for more than a week, but it brings more tangible results as a weight loss diet. You still drink pure water, but at the same time give up sweet, salty and starchy foods.

What you can and should eat on a water diet

Cottage cheese, kefir, apples, vegetables and herbs, egg yolk, buckwheat, lean fish and seafood - all this in small portions throughout the day, also without drinking and drinking water 25 minutes before meals.

All these products are low-calorie, but contain vitamins and microelements necessary for the body, which are literally "washed out" from the body during a rigid water diet.

What can you eat on a water diet

At the same time, it is necessary to drink multivitamins or vitamins + minerals in various complexes and natural (preferably homeopathic) remedies to support the liver, since the transition to a rigid water diet will be stressful for it.

This type of diet will help you lose 5-7 kg per week, for example, if you are on vacation soon, and your figure is "not ready" for a swimsuit.

Can a water diet be combined with other types of diets?

This question is quite individual for everyone, since when two rigid diets are combined, the body will be subject to severe stress, which can lead not to weight loss, but to illness.

Remember that with any diet, it is necessary to replenish the body with the minimum amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that will allow it to function normally and not only give results in the form of weight loss.

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