Blind date: how to behave? - advantages and disadvantages

Blind date: how to behave?

A blind date, of course, is not the last hope for those who are disappointed and desperate in a relationship. First of all, with such a meeting, you can meet in real life the woman / man of your dreams.

Psychologists have been studying the behavior of married couples for several years, as well as the nature of their relationship. The result of their work may surprise someone. When a survey was conducted about the method of their acquaintance, many of them answered that they met through their friends.

Pros of blind dating

I must say that blind dates can not always lead to a logical end, that is, a happy marriage. This can be a true test that will slowly and steadily escalate into a real disaster.

How do you prevent this from happening? Let's try to understand this issue.

It is necessary to control the situation

You should not constantly follow the lead of other people and go against your will. If you feel that you need to refuse, do it. A man is not obliged to meet with the daughter of a good friend of his mother just in order not to offend the latter.

You must be actively involved in scheduling meetings.

Do not allow someone else to set a place and time for a date instead of you, and without your consent. All elements of the unknown should be excluded from the date, except for the mysterious woman.

A place for a meeting is chosen where both can feel comfortable.

Choose a suitable place for meetings

A cinema, a rock concert, where it is quite noisy, may not be the most successful place for the first meeting. It is best to sit in a restaurant or cafe, where you can have a bite to eat and listen to pleasant music, it will be a more romantic setting.

On the first date, they usually just want to get to know each other, have a good time and form an opinion about each other.

how to choose a place for a date

Don't drag out the date

Whatever happens at the first meeting, do not drag it out too long, at least more than two hours. Usually a blind date takes place in a restaurant, since dinner is the beginning, culmination and end of a meeting, in principle, a natural course of events.

Rules of conduct on the first date

When the waiter submits the bill, it is a signal that the date needs to be ended. If everything works out at the first meeting, you can make the next date.

There should be no third person in a blind date

If the date takes place in the presence of the person who introduced the young people, they will probably feel embarrassed and embarrassed by the situation.

If a friend tries too hard, the situation can only get worse. It is better to discuss with him in advance so that in ten minutes he will leave the couple alone.

Talk about the buddy who introduced you

An excellent topic for conversation is mutual acquaintances, this will help you to look at each other without undue intrusiveness.

You should not talk about gossip about mutual acquaintances, since such conversations will certainly, like a boomerang, come back and, most likely, in a distorted form. And not everyone will like listening to gossip.

You should be in good spirits on a date.

Many blind dates are mistakenly thought to be the work of desperate people. You should come to the interlocutor in a good mood, treat him with interest, so you can spend a pleasant and useful evening.

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